VM Music Academy (Chennai)

VM Music Academy (Chennai)
"Learn the Joy of Music"

On-line Music Course

VM Music Academy
Online Music Course

VM Music Academy offers on-line music course for 
Students / Adults who want to learn form home or office.

Course offered: Electronic Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Carnatic Music, Carnatic Violin, Indian Film Songs and Vocal Training course


VM Music Academy is one of the most exhaustive Indian music courses on-line. Perfect for beginner and intermediate students and Adults this course is taught by Professional music teachers.

These tutorials will focus on the skills needed to write and improvise your own music. Each lesson is clear and concise, shown from an up-close point of view so that you can easily see everything the instructor is doing.

With daily practice, you’ll learn to sing or play instruments all the scales and chords for every key, and the music theory behind them so that you can quickly put great melodies and harmonies together.

You’ll even learn to read charts while studying a variety of chord progressions from popular Indian music. This combined with ear-training sessions and tips for singer/musical Instrument players makes VM Music Academy is the best on-line course for learning how to play and sing like a pro in no time.

Q.  How do the on-line lessons work? 
A.  On-line lessons are held using Skype or Google+ hangout. Every lesson includes practising singing (or) playing Instruments with VM Music Academy teachers in real time.

Q.  What if I need to speak with teachers while having my lessons?
A.  On-line lessons are just like having lessons in person. You would be able to speak with our teachers in real time or instantly.

Q.  How do I receive the materials for the lessons?
A. Students receive materials and documents via email.

What if I do not have Skype?
A. Skype is available on-line. Go to skype.com and download it for free. When you are registered, it will allow you to set up an account which will give you an ID. You will need this ID each time you have your lessons.

Q. What would I need to have in order to receive lessons?
A. 1)You will need a computer with speakers and  a microphone. It is recommended that you use an external microphone instead of the built-in one. It makes a significant difference in the quality of the sound. 2) You will need a voice recorder in order to record your lessons.  You will need them when you practice. You can download audacity or other free softwares available on-line. Alternative – use a regular audio recorder.

Q. What else do I need?
A. You are recommended to put all your printed materials in a binder so that you can refer back to them each time you have a lesson.

Q. How often are these lessons held?
A. For Adults: You will receive 2 lessons in a month and each lesson is 1 hour long. Exceptions are made for those who need more lessons per month. 
     For Children: Children receive 3 half hour lessons per month. 

Q. How do I make my payments?
A. You will pay by using Paypal.  

Q. What if I have more questions? Can I speak to VM Music Academy?
A. If you are serious about receiving on-line lessons, you can contact us   or Email us: vmmusicacademychennai@gmail.com with further questions.

- Students must be serious about learning
- This is a complex form of music and therefore, a student MUST be patient and follow instructions
- Must be willing to practice.

Children: (5 - 13 years old) / Adults: ( Ages 14 and above)
- Weekly 1 one hour lessons per Week

All lessons are on individual basis only 
(There are no group lessons offered currently) 

Please contact us for Fee Details and Batch Timings 
Mob: 09940556519


(Please note: If you sign up for lessons, you will receive a discount of 10% discount on your first month's payment for on-line course only. No refunds if you don't sign up for lessons.)

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